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“Gravito is nestled in the landscape as if it was hugged by it.”

An old Portuguese schist hamlet situated in the forested hills of Beira Baixa, central Portugal, a region of lakes and rivers. Remotely situated in a self-contained valley with its river and lush spring and surrounded by oaks, pines, heather and ferns.

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Gravito was abandoned like many “aldeias” of its kind many years ago, leaving the work of generations to be overtaken by wilderness. We are restoring the buildings and the terraces bit by bit with the help of family, friends and volunteers. There are hundreds of metres of old dry walls to protect and reclaim in order to reveal all its potential and beauty.


We are now planting orchards and designing gardens, reintroducing indigenous species and looking after the many varieties of wild plants that came with the land being abandoned for 70 years. We are aiming to create spaces that resonate with the surroundings.


Gravito is a truly magical spot with many acres of land surrounded by forests. There is a great river swimming spot on the land with a waterfall, many walking trails and it is at walking distance from a river beach with restaurants and local cafes.

We will have individual terraces each with decked and furnished tepees for group accommodation, a large outdoor circle for practice and a giant yurt for the workshops, and a barn with kitchen and dining room for the groups. Our project is ongoing. The restoration of part of the hamlet will provide further accommodation in the future.

We aim to use homegrown and locally sourced organic ingredients to create inventive and nutritious vegetarian cuisine.

We have worked alongside therapists and group leaders over many years, running a holistic centre in the UK and are now bringing workshops and retreats to Portugal.


Inter-connectedness and awareness in the present moment are ways of being that we cherish and promote with humility and humour.

Meditation, ceremonies, work and music are paths we want to explore in Gravito to live this life peacefully and gently transform towards who we truly are.

“I want to do to you what the spring does to cherry trees.” Pablo Neruda.

  Who we are

Shobha is half Portugese, her great great great grandfather was from Gravito. She was managing director of the Relaxation Centre, a spa and holistic centre in Bristol, for 9 years before moving to Portugal.


Miguel is a Belgian designer and maker. Passionate about sacred space and self transformation, he has been holding the vision for Gravito for many years.



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Upcoming Events

The 2014 season starts in May and there will be Yoga retreats, transformative workshops, sacred music festival, shamanic works and trainings..

15-19th May Prayer of The Heart Retreat

with Amanda Rayment, Dominique Sakoilsky & Louise Bennett

'If it feels right to take time out, to be profoundly nourished, discover the possibilities of self-enquiry, explore passions and reconnect with your life purpose, then this may be the retreat for you. Amanda, Dominique and Louise have over 60 years of personal transformation experience, an array of tools and a strong intention and willingness to create something life changing. No one will return home without having been touched in some way by the experience we will share together.' Places are limited on this retreat.

For further information see: http://www.welcomeworldcafe.com/img/content/gravito-retreat.jpg

If you would like to find out more feel free to call or email them:

Louise@relaxedbirthandparenting.com, amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com, Dominique +44 7969 204763

www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com / www.welcomeworldcafe.com/professional-antenatal-training.php / www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com/professional-training/prayer-of-the-heart-retreat.html

26-27-28th May Gravito's Sacred Music Gathering

Welcoming musicians and music lovers, these three days will explore the world of music as a means of connection to the divine. We are delighted to welcome singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, kora maestro Justin Freeman (http://www.koratone.com) and Adrian Freedman and his Japanese flute, the Shakuhachi, (www.adrianfreedman.com).

Here is a sample of a collaboration between Justin and Adrian: Two Rivers.

Adrian will also lead a river-meditation from the tradition of Suizen, which dates from the 13th century and is meditation through the blowing of a shakuhachi, as opposed to Zazen, which is silent meditation through sitting as practiced by most Zen followers.

.…Playing the shakuhachi; one feels the unseen worlds

In all the universe there is only this song…...

Zen Buddhist priest Ikkyû Zenji (1394-1482).

Also coming to lead a kirtan is Elahn Keshava and Radhe from the Shekinashram in Glastonbury ( www.shekinashram.org).

For the last 11 years or Elahn Keshava & Radhe (Gisela Lirusso) have been running Shekinashram the much loved devotional sanctuary and Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury UK. The ashram is dedicated to inspiring others by sharing the astonishingly sweet nectar of devotional life.

Having spent many years running daily and weekly programmes, and retreats introducing people to the different facets Bhakti Yoga, Elahn & Radhe, along with their young daughter Tulsi, travel when possible to share the journey of bhakti sadhana. Principally using the medium of kirtan and sacred storytelling to share some of the age old secrets and wisdom of the sages from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, they have become well known for both their soft ambient moods of devotional chanting and ecstatic high energy kirtans. They extend a very warm invitation to everyone to join them on this beautiful and inspiring pilgrimage to the Heart of the Beloved.

The three days will include concerts, workshops, kirtan and open sessions amidst delicious food and good company in Gravito's beautiful environment. Accommodation in your own tent, or in one of our decked tipis. Bring an instrument, a listening ear and an open heart...

If you are interested in coming or would like more information please contact us

In June we have two very interesting ongoing projects coordinated by visiting guests.....

Belinda Bluebell is a bodywork practioner and shaman who has been following a fascinating journey around bees. We feel honoured and grateful that she will come and help us to set up a bee hive with a difference….

Alexander Tiajkov is a talented Estonian fine arts student, specializing in ceramics, who will spend over a month here from mid-June. He will be offering a unique opportunity to make ceramics using only what we find in the nature around us. Finding the clay, sculpting tools, firing underground will all play a part in this wonderful experience.

2nd-9th August Asthanga Yoga Immersion Retreat

with Christopher Gladwell

Christopher is an acclaimed teacher of yoga and a published writer of wisdom and transcendance. His retreats are deeply transformative. This retreat is a teacher training and is now fully booked.


What we facilitate...

Yoga, Chi Kung, Tantra, Meditation, Massage, Ceremonies, Shamanic work and courses, Music & Art workshops, Dance and more…

Excursions to mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, river beaches, sea and various Portuguese power sites.

We also organise canoeing trips in beautiful lake sites near Gravito.

If you are interested in bringing a group to Gravito or want more information about running a retreat or a workshop here please contact us.

We are ideally suited to cater to groups of between 10 and 20 people. For this we charge 40 euros per person per day, based on at least a one-week stay. This includes full use of the facilities, accomodation in a shared tipi and full board.

Gravito is a non-profit organisation. All the profits are invested in the project of sustainable developement of the valley and the promotion of awareness of unity.


Glamping in Gravito

From the 1st of June until the 30th September, you can lodge in one of our 3 stylishly furnished tipi for a 2-day minimum period, with breakfast for 50 euros for 2 people per day, 320 euros per week, and full board for 80 euros for 2 people per day, 530 euros per week.

For those wishing to self-cater there is a fully equipped semi-outdoor kitchen.

The tipis have a raised wooden deck and great views of the surroundings.

Contact us to book your tipi now for this season.

Here are a few glamping websites that feature Gravito:






Work in Progress

The vision for Gravito is expansive and organic. Every year various targets are to be achieved during the off-season months. These include building the infrastructure for the centre and its gardens, developing the energy systems and the permaculture, restoring the terraces and the river banks, forest managing and the long-term tree plantation program.

We are welcoming volunteers and woofers this year from the 1st of March. Workers will work 5 hours a day, eat our home cooking, sleep in a shared tepee and participate in domestic tasks.

We are looking for inspired and positive characters who are not afraid to work. The skills needed are: Gardening, permaculture, carpentry, joinery, tree surgery, all-round building, plumbing, child minding, cooking.

Miguel will provide training and share his knowledge in organic architecture.

We are listed on the Helpx website.





3270-351 Pedrogao Grande


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00351 236 098082



How to Get Here

By Train: The nearest train station is Pombal (trains from Lisbon, Porto & Coimbra) 50kms from Gravito. Transport, by prior arrangement, can be provided to take you from Pombal to Gravito.

By Coach: The nearest coach station is Pedrogao Grande, 3kms from Gravito (coaches from Lisbon's Sete Rios coach station, Castelo Branco, Coimbra - see http://www.rede-expressos.pt/default.aspx). From there you can either take a taxi (about 7 euros), or give us a call and we may be able to come and collect you.

By Car: From Lisbon or Porto exit the A1 at Pombal and take the IC8 until you reach the Mosteiro/Troviscais exit. 100 metres or so after you have taken the exit you will see a track on your left with three post boxes at its entrance. Take the track and, always following the main track, you will arrive at Gravito after a drive of about 1km.

From Spain (Castelo Branco direction) take the IC8 towards Pombal until you reach the Mosteiro/Troviscais exit. Take your first left which will take you on a bridge back over the IC8. After the bridge you will see a track on your right with three post boxes at its entrance. Take the track and, always following the main track, you will arrive at Gravito after a drive of about 1km.

By Plane: Gravito is situated between Portugal's main cities of Lisbon and Porto (approximately 2 hours from each). From both Lisbon and Porto you can get a train, bus, hire a car or, arrange a pick up in advance.

If you are interested in bringing a group to Gravito please contact us.

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3270-351 Pedrogao Grande


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00351 236 098082



Contact us



"In total appreciation of everything you guys have done for us, it's been a total honour and pleasure to be around you for this month. You are all beautiful, unique, creative creatures. Thank you!" Loren

"Oh my god this place is insane!! WOW! A real vision manifested. Thanks to all of you here and to Gravito. Once met forever entwined. Huge love." Ben.

"Nature Nurture Gravito, suspended in levity of infinite Heart opening, grace opening in this space of Vision , unfoldment and evolution into spaciousness of superconciousness...love beyond belief." Christopher.

"Gratitude for reminders of harmony. Pleasure and fun to meet you beautiful souls/minds. Live Love Laugh Play." Shaheen.

"Love and gratitude to each and every one of you beautiful people for your love and care and sensitive attentiveness during this chapter of my journey. Infinite love." Louise

"Gravito family, Thank you for the love and nurture and the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful space. I hope to return next year. Love." Lin


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